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Symplectic enhance their market-leading platform

By Katy Alexander October 14, 2020

Building on the experience of working closely with hundreds of domain experts, ranging from small funding organisations to major university systems, Symplectic has designed the most people-centric platform in the industry with the release of Version 6 of their Elements platform. 

In an increasingly complex research landscape, researchers and administrators face policy compliance requirements and other requests for data. Many research-related activities such as open access engagement, funding applications and reporting on outcomes used to be managed separately and therefore inefficiently. 

Elements reduces inefficiencies by allowing researchers to manage these activities within a single system. Built upon a firm foundation of smart data capture, Symplectic Elements works to automatically populate reports, forms and public-facing profiles while ensuring researchers don’t miss vital deadlines. 

Version 6 was designed with the aim of exceeding all design and ease-of-use expectations and brings to life the most straightforward platform in the market – truly eliminating burden wherever possible. Utilizing the latest user-centric design concepts, Version 6 introduces frameworks that support entirely new areas of functionality and future product expansions coming in the next few months. 

“Researchers are now able to complete more and more of their common administration tasks within Elements and consequently are spending more time in the system. Unlike most software solutions, our mission has always been to reduce the amount of time researchers need to be active in our system while still completing essential activities,” explains Kate Byrne, VP Product Management.

“Version 6 has been brought to life through an incredibly collaborative development process which has put the user at the very centre of our design, analysing the most visited pages and workflows, making significant user experience enhancements and introducing additional automation, batch processes and timely notifications to support our users.”

With Version 6, Symplectic users can expect even deeper adoption with the addition of improved branding and personalization features that support wider usage of the system at an institution. The expert team behind Elements continues to build a powerful solution that genuinely considers the need for timesaving workflows, one-click reports, pre-configured templates and page designs that are easily understood upon login by users.

“In Version 6 we’ve created a truly unique platform, capable of meeting the specific needs of each of our clients without compromising system interoperability or the end user’s experience,” says Jonathan Breeze, CEO of Symplectic. “Not only is it beautiful, it’s also incredibly powerful and further demonstrates our commitment to continuous innovation in the capture and management of scholarly data.”

Symplectic is a technology team that builds the Elements platform which works to eliminate the administrative burden of managing research information and institutional reporting. Our platform is trusted by 120+ universities and research organisations around the world to collect, showcase, analyse and report on all their scholarly activities. In a 2018 OCLC Global Survey & Report Symplectic Elements was ranked first in client satisfaction. Symplectic is part of Digital Science which works towards making research smarter, more collaborative, and more efficient. Symplectic is a global team headquartered in the UK with staff in North America, Europe and Australia.

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