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Altmetric Top 100

The Altmetric Top 100 is an annual list of the research that has most captured the public’s imagination each year, based on the data collected by Altmetric. We have released a Top 100 list every year since 2013.

The only theme that many of these papers have in common is their ability to start conversations. For that reason, inclusion in the Altmetric Top 100 should be interpreted very carefully, and its meaning should not be taken for granted. The Top 100 is a list of the most-discussed papers of the year; the ranking has no bearing on the quality or impact of the research itself.

2020 | Altmetric Top 100

From academic rigour to shocking medical discoveries, from online “call out culture” to collective horror over the climate crisis, the only theme that these papers typically have in common is their ability to start conversations.

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2019 | Altmetric Top 100

2019’s research addressed artificial intelligence, the escalating global climate crisis, and timely political topics.

2018 | Altmetric Top 100

This year’s Top 100 once again saw many papers related to diet and climate change, as well as the phenomenon of fake news.

2017 | Altmetric Top 100

This year research spoke to the broader social zeitgeist, including gender stereotypes, and mental illness.

2016 | Altmetric Top 100

The impact of technology on humanity, space discovery, and the Zika virus were big themes in attention-getting research.

2015 | Altmetric Top 100

We’ve queried the Altmetric database and health and Anthropocene-related research were major themes of 2015

2014 | Altmetric Top 100

The most discussed research included The Ebola virus, a topic that dominated the mainstream media.

2013 | Altmetric Top 100

Papers related to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the effects of social media on wellbeing, sleep science and more.

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