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AI-powered solutions to transform your research

At Digital Science, we recognize that the journey toward AI adoption is as unique as the organizations and individuals we support. From bench researchers to medical affairs professionals to research offices, our approach is grounded in collaboration and deep understanding.

Since 2013, we’ve been investing in advanced AI methodologies, expanding our technical and analytical capabilities, and assembling a global team of AI experts. To us,  AI isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it encapsulates a range of both new and existing capabilities and approaches that when thoughtfully applied, can significantly enhance capabilities and streamline workflows. Our commitment continues to be focused on working closely with our partners, deeply understanding their unique challenges and aspirations, to deliver innovative and responsible AI capabilities that enhance human intelligence, drive progress, and unlock the full potential of the research community.

Our Capabilities

For the last decade, we have focused around machine learning innovations with, investment in Writefull and development of different LLMs. Building on this AI lineage, 2024 will see a continuous flow of new releases, starting with Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise and Dimensions Research GPT.

Dimensions in ChatGPT

Available via OpenAI’s GPT Store, the new products aim to provide users looking to use ChatGPT for research-related questions with generative answers they can trust – grounded in scientific evidence from Digital Science’s Dimensions database.

Key features of Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise – available to Dimensions customers with a ChatGPT Enterprise licence – include: 

  • Answers to research queries with publication data, clinical trials, patents and grant information
  • Set up in the client’s private environment and only available to client’s end users
  • Notifications each time content generated is based on Dimensions data, with references and citation details
  • Possible for clients to have custom features (following prior discussion with Dimensions).

For Dimensions Research GPT, answers to research queries are linked to tens of millions Open Access publications, and access to the solution is free to anyone with a Plus or Enterprise subscription to OpenAI’s GPT Store.

Next-generation search experience

Dimensions has introduced a new summarization feature to support the user in their discovery process for publications, grants, patents and clinical trials. It has integrated AI-driven summarization capabilities into the Dimensions web application to enable all users to accelerate the identification of the most relevant content for their research questions. Short, concise summaries are now available for every record in a given search result list with a single click, providing users with AI-generated insights quickly. The Dimensions team has used feedback from members of the research community – including academic institutions, industry, publishers, government, and funders – to develop this summarization feature in the Dimensions web app.

Smarter searching in Dimensions

Other AI solutions will follow shortly from Digital Science, all of which seek to surface AI capabilities to support users with specific, relevant functionalities where AI in particular can offer improved results. Just as importantly, they have been developed with a grounding in reliability and responsibility so that users can trust them as they do with all our other products. 

Connecting your Data

The Dimensions Knowledge Graph, powered by metaphactory, aims at helping customers harness the synergy of global research knowledge and their internal data, and enable AI-powered applications and business decisions.

AI-Powered Writing Support

Writefull uses big data and Artificial Intelligence to boost academic writing. With language models trained on millions of journal articles, it provides the best automated language feedback to date leading the next generation of research writing help.

Deeper Understanding of Scholarly Papers

Available within ReadCube Enterprise Literature Management & Papers Reference Management, our beta AI Assistant is designed to enhance research efficiency by providing real-time, in-depth analysis, summarization, and contextual understanding of scholarly articles within a researcher’s literature library.

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