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Make data-driven R&D decisions

Watch the recording to learn how Dimensions data can be used to answer questions in a matter of minutes.

Inform your research strategy with new, game-changing insights

Watch our webinar to learn how to use grants, patents, clinical trials, and publications for new and deeper insights about your research and its environment. Make your analyses tell you more – with the data in Dimensions you can get richer insights into competition, collaboration, disciplines, or impact.

Real-Time bibliometrics

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted a different set of needs to analyze trends in scholarship as they occur: Real-time bibliometrics. Dimensions offer a combination of full-text search, daily data updates, a broad set of scholarly objects including pre-prints and a wider set of data fields for analysis, broadens opportunities for a different style of analysis.

FAIR open data

Our solutions go beyond making data open, to making data FAIR with enhanced discoverability and reusability, including the ability to customize metadata and curation workflows for your needs. Our administrative portal provides the necessary capabilities for all considerations of research data management curation, workflow, and reporting.

A Guide to the Dimensions Data Approach

A collaborative approach to creating a modern infrastructure for data describing research: where we are and where we want to take it

Creating workflows to support “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”

Whilst the mantra of our “free forever” product remains, “As open as possible,” we understand things can be more complex for our Figshare users.

Showcase the reach and influence of your research

Altmetric tracks scholarly and public engagement with research in real-time – making it easy to see where it’s attracting attention online.

Complementary tools to tell the story of your research

Using Altmetric in tandem with existing media monitoring services provides a
more robust process for capturing the detail of the conversation around your
research, and celebrating your successes with a broader audience.

Compare your portfolio with that of other funders

Watch this webinar to learn how Dimensions deep data discovery can be used to access scientific and technical data across a networked view of global research information.

Grow your research portfolio

Find out how Dimensions is used to inform strategic planning for the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s research portfolio.

Reproducibility by design

Reproducibility should be a natural and integral part of the research process – embedded and invisible wherever possible. We are committed to supporting you on your path to a more open and reproducible research through the development and implementation of technological solutions.

Inform funding strategy

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to leverage Dimensions grant and patent data to help assess funding trends in varying fields, disciplines and topics, identify collaborators to help broaden potential sources of funding, surface corporate entities suitable for partnership, collaboration and investment and so much more!

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