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Science Foo Camp (Sci Foo)

Sci Foo Camp, the invite-only technology and science “unconference” run by Digital Science, Google, Nature Publishing Group and O’Reilly Media, takes place at Google’s headquarters in California every year. Sci Foo brings together almost 300 people from around the world who are doing groundbreaking work in diverse areas of science and technology.

Amongst the truly international mix of attendees, there are always a handful of Digital Science folk, including some real Sci Foo veterans and some total newbies. The conference follows the “unconference” format. There is no predefined agenda, instead, the attendees create one collaboratively, with little, if any, constraints on what can be discussed.

As you can see from the evidence below, a great time is always had by all! Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #SciFoo for more details.

jess wade scifoo

There’s a blog post coming about Sci Foo 2020 and the move to an online engagement experience – we can put that here when it is published. Any idea where the image on the left is from, or which Sci Foo? It looks a bit wordy and chaotic, and it might be nice to replace it with some photos of our team out there (Amarjit will have some, or we’ll have tweeted some) or otherwise some from the artist that was drawing Sci Foo in 2019, as per Alex’s post on it from that year. Maybe something from a previous Sci Foo would be nice though, as the first image. Thoughts?

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