Digital Research Yearbook:
UK Higher Education 

Essential background for strategic discussions and planning

The Yearbook brings together and visualises a wealth of data on funding inputs, research activity and research outcomes across the UK higher education research base.

It provides a suite of reference points for institutional research management and funders to shed light on research activity in a way that hasn’t been done before – to reveal a more timely, rounded and balanced picture than retrospective bibliometric analysis in a highly accessible format.

It’s a modern guide to the research environment in the UK, providing a helpful reference point for those who need a broad understanding of the UK landscape for strategic, policy or collaborative purposes.

Digital Research Yearbook from Digital Science


What’s included:

  • A double page spread for each of the 116 research active institutions in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales
  • Innovative visualisations presenting key data about the research that each institution carries out
  • Funding, capacity, publication, collaboration, ORCID and Altmetric data and much more
  • Core information on each institution with leadership and contacts for research and commercial activity – a route to senior managers and research offices
  • Unique sector group benchmarking and comparison – see where each institution stands amongst comparable institutions
  • Detailed explanation on methodology and interpretation
  • Key data-driven snippets that highlight important insights about each institution’s performance

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A revised Yearbook is in development. To register your interest in future editions please email our Consultancy team on