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Research collaboration

Uncover new opportunities for collaboration across academia and industry

Supporting research collaboration

Our solutions can help paint a more complete picture of the research landscape, equipping you with the tools and insights needed to identify new collaboration opportunities and empowering researchers to seamlessly collaborate and showcase the results and impact of their work across the community.

How can I see existing collaborations?

Establish an overview of existing partnerships with various institutions, organizations and countries worldwide, so you are well placed to connect faculty members with experts to enhance research, and select partnerships to nurture.

Access extensive data points to help you to measure the success of existing partnership programs.

Support external collaborations in the writing process, and access data to see which organizations are being collaborated with.

Jeffrey Holmes, the Dean of Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, explains how Dimensions has supported their hiring process and their search for better collaborations.

How can I identify potential partners? 

Identify researchers with a common research mission within a specific field of research and pinpoint opportunistic areas for focus and talent acquisition.

How can I find new industry collaborators? 

Increasing access to funding via strategic partnerships within the industry for tech transfer and commercialization opportunities that can be crucial for fostering innovation and driving growth.

Dimensions can be a valuable resource in identifying organizations that have received industry partnership grants, enabling you to pinpoint suitable businesses for potential partnership or alliance formation.

Using Dimensions to identify potential collaborators within the industry

How can I make collaborating with external teams easier?

Overleaf is collaborative by design. With commenting, real-time track changes, document history, and more, it makes writing together easier, whether that’s a student working with their professor or a research group collaborating with another organization anywhere in the world.

How can I find funder information?

Discover funding sources for your strategically important areas of research, and drill down to see specific information including the country.

How can I help our internal team collaborate better? 

Take academic research collaboration to the next level with Papers – a reference management solution that helps teams simplify the way they work together by improving the way they discover, organize, read, annotate, share, and cite research.

The best features of Papers are the intuitive interface, the collaborative shared library, the ease of creating bibliographies, and the annotation tools. The desktop and web versions work very nicely together and the Match feature works very well too

David Sykes M.D., Ph.D. | Massachusetts General Hospital | Harvard Medical School

Case study: University of Toronto uses Symplectic Elements to showcase expertise through public researcher profiles

How can I showcase our expertise? 

Attract recognition for academic achievements and researcher expertise through public facing profiles, opening up new routes to impact discovery, collaboration, and partnership.

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