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Analyze awarded grants and pinpoint potential collaborators

How can I understand the funding landscape?

Review the funding landscape with Dimensions. With over $2.6 trillion in funded grant information, it’s easy to see where the current funding is going and map collaborations across researchers and institutions.

Discover how Dimensions can help you connect the dots across the research landscape.

How can I make more compelling grant applications?

Find out what funding is available in your field of interest and rank potential funders.

Identify your competitors and gauge your competitive strength and conduct easy gap analysis to make data-led decisions that increase your grant success rates.

How can I forecast future opportunities?

Access the world’s largest repository of funded grants – with information on over seven million grants.  

Get a forward-looking perspective of upcoming developments in research, and anticipate future funding allocation based on awarded grants.

From a school point of view, you want to grow in areas where there are going to be good funding opportunities – and that was the unique piece that we could find through Dimensions that we couldn’t get through other sources.

Jeffrey Holmes | Dean of Engineering | University of Alabama at Birmingham

How can I identify potential collaboration partners?

Discover funding sources for your strategically important areas of research, and drill down to see specific information including funding country and research publication history.

How can I demonstrate the influence of research?

Broaden your understanding of research influence and easily quantify the attention your research is receiving across news, websites, blogs, social media and more to improve funding applications. 

Researcher profiles and end-to-end research funded project management all now take place in the one interface, which has huge benefits to our researchers

Senior Manager Research Administration | University College Dublin

How can I manage the full funding lifecycle?

Manage the full research funding lifecycle from pre-award to post-award. Support your researchers during proposal development, streamlining internal reviews and approvals as well as managing post-award activities and reporting.

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