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Responding to questions from healthcare providers (HCPs)

You need a solution that aggregates data into one integrated, easily accessible system to manage responses accurately and quickly.  Dimensions, Altmetric and ReadCube work together to create an end-to-end cloud-based solution that can dramatically improve the way you and your teams find, access, organize, read, share, and cite research literature.  

Find information overlooked by other tools

  • Search across multiple scholarly search engines with access millions full-text articles, including publications citing Phase 3 and Phase 4 clinical trials.
  • Create powerful visualizations from high-quality, connected datasets
  • Uncover new competitive insights

Access your libraries and citations anywhere, anytime

  • Add references and full-text PDFs to the Papers library with a single click
  • Share article collections with pre-approved colleagues who require input as part of the response process
  • Cite as you write directly and choose from 9000+ citation styles

Successful KOL identification

Find new key opinion leaders from key signals from the research data including clinicians who are in conversation about research on Twitter, and biomedical researchers who have been awarded funding for large research projects from funders in challenging disease areas. This could also help you pinpoint the right experts to invite to join your advisory boards.

You can find more experts with Dimensions

Dimensions is a powerful platform that uses artificial intelligence to link millions of scientific data points, allowing you to find the best KOLs for your projects. With just one search, users find a broad range of rich information, including full-text publications, clinical trial data, funding sources, and even the social media impact generated by the expert.


Altmetric explorer, where news and social media attention can be explored

  • Coverage of research in top media outlets
  • Aggregated maximal audience of media coverage
  • Demographics of Twitter accounts sharing researcher’s work
  • Evidence of broader socio-economic impact
  • Analysis using benchmark values

Medical Affairs and social media are now closely aligned

Social media presents an incredible opportunity to increase the frequency and quantity of valuable insights. Specifically, social media has two advantages over traditional data-gathering methods: speed and volume. With social media analysis tools like Altmetrics, you can gain specific insights from a variety of public online conversations.


Finding the right experts just got easier with the new Dimensions KOL tool

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Develop KPIs which represent the commitment of the scientific landscape to a certain drug

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