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The future of Open Data

As mandates and policies encouraging open data are becoming more widely established and enforced, the use of and sharing of data is becoming more central to research and increasingly the community is recognising that open data provides greater transparency, reproducibility, efficiency, and impact for funded research as well as supporting collaboration and data science initiatives through data reusability. In response, Institutions, Publishers and Government agencies are establishing and extending their data infrastructure and expertise, enacting data management and sharing plan requirements, and creating public access policies for both internal data and research programs as well as funded research. 

Figshare offers a highly configurable repository solution to provide access to datasets, publications, and all of the products of research with a dedicated repository portal. Figshare’s out of the box software is designed to meet requirements for security, accessibility, and global repository standards such as preservation, persistence, metadata, and discoverability.

How researchers are using open data

The State of Open Data is the longest-running longitudinal study that examines attitudes and experiences of researchers working with open data – sharing it, reusing it, and redistributing it. The reports provide an interesting lens through which to view how far open research has come, and to look at opportunities for improvement in data sharing. Every year Digital Science, in association with Figshare and Springer Nature, conducts the largest survey of its kind to discover global attitudes towards open data.

4/5 respondents are in favour of research data being made openly available as common practice

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