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Dimensions partners with the Norwegian Centre for Research Data to increase the visibility of research in the Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities

By Alex Jackson June 13, 2019

London, UK – 13 June 2019 Dimensions and the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) are pleased to announce their partnership which aims to increase visibility, searchability, and availability of research in the areas of Social Science and Arts & Humanities.

The Dimensions platform, which is part of technology company Digital Science, brings together over 140 million publications, awarded research grants, clinical trials, patents, policy documents and their associated metrics.

The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS), which is managed by NSD, was created and developed by and for European researchers to enhance global visibility of high-quality research in the humanities published in academic journals in various European languages. The index enables researchers to better understand and promote the national and international importance of their research, ensuring that peer reviewed quality journals in the SSH continue to thrive.

As a starting point in their collaboration, Dimensions has integrated the ERIH PLUS list as journal list filter in Dimensions, enabling users to more easily identify research outputs that are related to journals listed in ERIH PLUS. Moreover, a new database ‘ERIH PLUS by Dimensions’ has been launched, which combines the functionality and extensive data sources of Dimensions with ERIH PLUS, enabling users to drill deeper into the research outputs within the journals of ERIH PLUS.

Christian Herzog, CEO Dimensions, said: “We are very passionate about working towards a better coverage in the Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities and are thrilled to be able to partner with NSD to make this a reality. Our collaboration has allowed us to enhance both ERIH PLUS and Dimensions to becoming richer information resources benefiting researchers.”

This partnership will improve ERIH PLUS’ role as an important source for research documentation and improve the services NSD can provide for all of our users.

Knut Kalgraff Skjåk, Associate Director at NSD adds: “This partnership will improve ERIH PLUS’ role as an important source for research documentation in Europe and beyond, and the services NSD can provide for all of our users.”


About Dimensions
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About Digital Science
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About the Norwegian Centre for Research Data
NSD is one of the largest archives for research data of its kind and provides data to researchers and students in Norway and abroad. Additionally, NSD is a resource centre, which assists researchers with regard to data gathering, data analysis, and issues of methodology, privacy and research ethics. The main objective is to improve possibilities and working conditions for empirical research that is primarily dependent on the access to data. To fulfil this objective NSD works to reduce financial, technical, legal and administrative barriers between users and data resources.

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