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Scale your data science teams, wherever they need to work
Containerized Data Science

The future of data science is open, decentralized, and user-friendly. Gigantum enables anybody to create and share totally reproducible computational work with the world. Gigantum’s goal is to free you from the headaches and frustrations of the technical details so that you can concentrate on the creative work that is important to you and the world! Gigantum is a new kind of data science platform that:

Deploys on everything from laptops to clouds

Seamless collaboration across people & machines

Provides portability and reproducibility by default

Has zero lock-in for materials or infrastructure

“Best practices alone won’t help to escape the difficulties of publishing transparent and easily reproducible research. We need technological approaches that enable real changes in what people of all skill levels can do, not just the most skilled.”

Dean Kleissas – Co-founder

Build it. Move It. Share It.

Two Key Blog Posts on Gigantum site title

Data Science on Hybrid Infrastructure

Many cloud-native platforms can’t run across bare metal, private cloud, and public clouds. Attempts to adapt them to on-premises contexts & hybrid infrastructures typically don’t go well, and most data science teams are left to their own devices to find solutions. There is another way…

Data Science on Any Infrastructure

This paper outlines a new system for managing data science work & collaboration across machines. The system provides the self-determination & flexibility for open source software and approaches necessary for innovation while eliminating the chaos that is typical of “do it yourself” systems.

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