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The State of Open Data 2023

The State of Open Data is the longest-running longitudinal study into researchers’ attitudes towards open data. Now in its eighth year, the 2023 survey saw over 6,000 respondents.

State of Open Data 2023

The State of Open Data 2023 report dives deeper into the survey data than ever before and provides unparalleled insights into how researchers are sharing their data, what motivates them, what challenges they face and how these factors differ when we consider the different geographies, career stage and subject area of expertise of our respondents.

The State of Open Data 2023 Report 

The State of Open Data 2023 deliberately takes a more analytical approach to the survey data than in previous years. With more data surfaced, the 2023 report provides unique and unparalleled insights into researchers’ attitudes towards and interactions with open data and data sharing. 

The report digs into the survey responses and looks at differing trends when comparing respondents’ geographies and other demographic factors. Using these insights, we take a look towards the future and offer some recommendations to the academic community.

Quick Read

Support is not making its way to those who need it

Over three-quarters of respondents had never received support with making their data openly available. 

One size does not fit all

Variations in responses from different subject expertise and geographies highlight a need for a more nuanced approach to research data management support globally. 

Challenging stereotypes

Are later career academics really opposed to progress? The results of the 2023 survey indicate that career stage is not a significant factor in open data awareness or support levels. 

Credit is an ongoing issue 

For eight years running, our survey has revealed a recurring concern among researchers: the perception that they don’t receive sufficient recognition for openly sharing their data.

AI awareness hasn’t translated to action

For the first time, this year we asked survey respondents to indicate if they were using ChatGPT or similar AI tools for data collection, processing and metadata collection.

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The State of Open Data 2023: Webinar Series  

To celebrate the launch of The State of Open Data 2023 and to share the key findings of this year’s survey, we are hosting a webinar series. 

Find out more about the sessions and save your spot.

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