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We’ve been busy working on ways to help you carry on where possible during the COVID-19 crisis. Read on to find out how Overleaf and Writefull can support remote researchers’ academic writing, how Dimensions and ReadCube are opening up access to content, and how Figshare is helping share content that would have been presented at conferences, among other things!

How our portfolios are helping

Free access to COVID-19 content

We’ve made all relevant content in Dimensions freely available as an export file, updated daily, to make sharing the latest research information easier. The file contains details of relevant publications, datasets, and clinical trials.

Supporting COVID-19 testing and R&D

Scismic is bringing together their community of scientists to support greater healthcare efforts with diagnostic testing, manufacturing, and vaccine development. 600 scientists from the community have raised their hands to help.

Remote working made easier

Overleaf is committed to helping everyone continue to collaborate and work in a remote environment through a series of special initiatives. As a remote team, we know how important it is to be able to collaborate effectively.

Access to over 26 million articles

Researchers need access to related prior work that is often behind paywalls. ReadCube, in collaboration with scholarly publishers, has launched a COVID-19 Research Pass that provides direct access to over 26 million articles.

Reproducibility in preprints

Right now research needs to be shared quickly. Over 500 COVID-19 related preprints were screened by Ripeta to assess trustworthiness. The process took 30 mins as opposed to 45 hrs when done manually.

Publish your conference outputs

If you had to cancel an event, or need somewhere to share your posters, papers, videos or presentations can offer you a free conference portal to host all the outputs your participants were due to share.

Navigating “trending” research, add context to your literature search

We’ve pulled together resources to help you navigate Altmetric data and evaluate the quality of discussions taking place around coronavirus literature.

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