We help federal agencies comply with open data policies

Used by many, our solutions are up and running in days, not years.

Digital Science has a history of successfully working with government agencies to quickly configure our platforms and systems to comply with federal mandates for public access to research and data. We bring years of experience with technical infrastructure, data sharing best practices, and analytics to measure research impact to help guide the launch and operation of data repositories.

With our team’s expertise and our infrastructure’s easy set-up and smooth user experience, your organization can rapidly adjust to comply with new open access policies and be a contributor to the growing open data community.



Data Sharing and Open Data with Figshare

We support Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers and Chief Technology Officers, as well as Knowledge Management Branches in compliance with federal policies on public access to research results including openly accessible datasets.

Figshare provides data publishing platforms to comply with the OPEN Government Data Act.

We give you control to make content either publicly available or secure and private. We continuously add new features, such as a new restricted publishing feature allowing different levels of access between public and private.

Our solutions go beyond making data open, to making data FAIR with enhanced discoverability and reusability, including the ability to customize metadata and curation workflows for your needs.

Our administrative portal provides the necessary capabilities for all considerations of research data management curation, workflow, and reporting.

NIH Figshare on desktop and smart phone

NIH Figshare


Evidence-Based Decision Making with Dimensions

Digital Science is unique in that we are:

1. A data provider
2. A technology company that stays abreast of the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms and applies them to our content and that of our client’s
3. A provider of COTS and configurable software that leverages our content and algorithms to support evidence-based decision making

Today, we work with agencies to implement best practices for metadata and documentation of datasets.

We also provide agencies with organized information on which to base their decisions via Dimensions, which makes it easy to navigate the many links between grants, publications, clinical trials, patents, and policy documents, as well as to find experts based on their research activity.





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