Adding context is one of the most important things that we do at Digital Science, whether that be through the tools that we make available to the research community while they’re making decisions, carrying out research or communicating their findings, or through our direct outreach and engagement with the community such as on our blogs and in our reports.

TL;DR is not just a place to write our thoughts – it is a conversation.  It is at once a place for us to test ideas and to showcase methods and techniques, and at the same it is a place to connect with a community, to receive feedback and so to better understand our context. 

We hope that it will be a friendly, safe environment where we can encourage diverse but respectful opinions and where we can challenge ourselves to ensure that we become the best supporter of the community that we seek to serve.

I’m looking forward to contributing my own articles to TL;DR in the near future, and in the meantime you might enjoy one of my more light-hearted looks at how a certain figure in popular literature and film makes a regular appearance in research.

Or for a more in-depth analysis of a more serious topic, here are three examples where the Dimensions database has provided useful context to one of the global challenges facing the world today:

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