Leslie McIntosh
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VP Research Integrity | Digital Science

Dr Leslie McIntosh PhD, MPH is the VP of Research Integrity at Digital Science and dedicates her work to improving research and investigating and reducing mis- and disinformation in science.

As an academic turned entrepreneur, she founded Ripeta in 2017 to improve research quality and integrity. Now part of Digital Science, the Ripeta algorithms lead in detecting trust markers of research manuscripts. She works around the globe with governments, publishers, institutions, and companies to improve research and scientific decision-making. She has given hundreds of talks including to the US-NIH, NASA, and World Congress on Research Integrity, and consulted with the US, Canadian, and European governments.

Dr. McIntosh’s work was the most-read RetractionWatch post of 2022.

Now based in London, Dr McIntosh holds a Master’s and PhD in public health with concentrations in biostatistics and epidemiology from Saint Louis University, and a Certificate in Women’s Leadership Forum from Washington University Olin’s School of Business.