Hui Gong
TL;DR Community Contributor
PhD Researcher | The Francis Crick Institute

Hui Gong is a neuroscientist in the Prieto-Godino lab at The Francis Crick Institute in London.

Hui graduated from UCL with a MSci Natural Sciences degree where she pursued two streams: Medical Physics and Brain Behaviour and Cognition. Her interests in Neuroscience pushed her to complete a Master’s research project focussed in determining the role of brain capillary pericytes in conditions of stroke, carried out in the lab of David Attwell at UCL. Before that she also had experiences in Molecular Neuroscience and Computational Neuroscience through short internships. As a PhD student in the lab she studies the evolution of odour coding and navigational strategies in closely related Drosophila species.

She also loves public engagement with science, and is one of the London speakers for Soapbox Science 2023.