TL;DR Shorts: Dave Weiss on multidisciplinary research

16th April 2024

To celebrate the impending start of the NBA Playoffs, today’s TL;DR Shorts is from Dave Weiss, Senior Vice President of Player Matters at the NBA. As a legal professional, it is Dave’s responsibility to help inform how the NBA can look after their professional sports players.

When you are responsible for the health of people who are pushing the limits of their physical and mental endurance day after day, you must keep on top of all of the latest research that impacts them. We asked Dave how he and his team use information from across a range of research disciplines to best inform the staff and players of the NBA as to how they can look after themselves.

Dave Weiss tells us about how he and his team scan the broad range of multidisciplinary research outputs required to best inform their strategy to help look after professional basketball players across the NBA. Check out the video on the Digital Science YouTube channel:

As a lawyer, Dave is not scientifically trained so he relies on research and development to inform the strategies he employs to maintain the health and well-being of NBA players. He therefore works with a multidisciplinary network of experts from a range of disciplines, including neurology, cardiology, injury prevention, sleep, biomarkers and more – anything and everything that contributes to the health of a professional sports player.

This broad collaborative environment of experts and team physicians ensures that NBA players remain fit and healthy and can endure the stresses and strains of an intensive season, while also informing future research into player injury prevention and more.

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