Work more efficiently with smart tools that support you at every stage of your research cycle.

Discover and stay on top of new research

Keep on top of the literature and effortlessly find the most relevant research for you

With 20,000 papers published each week how can you ensure you never miss an important paper again? Organizing all of your literature, as well as making sure you keep on top of it, can be a real headache. Our free tools help you take control in a variety of ways.






Collaborate more easily

Work and share with colleagues across the globe on projects, papers and more

Break down those geographical boundaries and collaborate with colleagues in labs across the world. No more sending large files via unsecure routes like email when you have tools like figshare. Seamlessly manage different iterations of documents and papers with Overleaf. Learn from other labs and share project work and materials with Labguru.



Get credit for and manage the impact of your research

Make sure you understand the impact your research is having and get credit for everything you do

If you’ve been working for years gathering lots of data, you want to make sure that you get credit for all of your efforts and all of that time spent in the lab. Importantly, you also want to see what impact your efforts are having in the media and beyond.


arrows of compliance management




Ensure your data is safe, secure, organized and persistent

Keep all your research output in one secure place in the cloud so you can access it anywhere in the world

Staying organized in the lab and beyond can be a major challenge. With our tools you can now make sure all of your research is kept safely in one place and most importantly is organized so that you can find things easily.



Manage your lab research and maintain knowledge continuity

Maintain the continuity of your research throughout your lab life, with reassurance that your research will never be lost and that any experiment can be reproduced.




save time

Save time writing up and submit your work for publishing more easily

Collaborate easily with colleagues when writing up and submit your paper using the correct journal template already set up for you in the Overleaf tool.


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